Imaginative. Energetic. Engaging.

These are the three words I use to describe myself as a content creator. Imaginative because I strive to create unique experiences & content which cannot be found anywhere else. Energetic because I use my positive & high energy personality to both uplift & draw viewers in to the experience. Engaging because I seek to be inclusive & create content that encourages viewers to participate & feel involved.

These are the core values of Tooniversal & what it stands for.

I always envisioned the name & brand of Tooniversal to not just be a representation of myself, but a group of people with similar interests, goals, & aspirations. These people allow the Tooniversal brand to flourish & grow in ways that I could have only imagined. The community continues to strengthen & become more diverse with each new member.

These are the core values of Tooniversal & what it stands for.

Comedic themes are found throughout the videos & live content that I create.

I have always found value in striving to make others laugh & enjoy life, & having the platform to do so has been very life-giving to me. Improvisation, spontaneity, & general wittiness play a strong role in how I engage & seek to entertain the community.

Achievements in livestreaming & content creation. Some of my achievements in live streaming & content creation include reaching Twitch Partner with the overwhelming support of the Tooniversal community. I could not have achieved this goal without the support of my viewers & moderators. I’ve also created numerous exclusive events like “Fashion Wars” in Fallout 76, a fashion show that allows players to show off their fashion sense around a particular theme. This event has been showcased at Bethesda’s annual gaming convention QuakeCon; an event that I’ve had the privalidge of being featured in since September 2020. Bethesda’s community managers have also invited me to participate in their weekly “Wasteland Wednesday” streams on the official Bethesda Twitch channel & have sponsored my streams with giveaway items frequently. In December 2021 & 2022, I had the honor of participating in raising money for St. Jude PLAY LIVE through the #FalloutForHope campaign on Twitch's Front Page. In April of 2022, I was featured by Bethesda on their Fallout site as a community event creator in Fallout 76.