Posted on February 9, 2022 by Tooniversal

My Stream Routine

I believe that most of us have some sort of routine built into the structure of our daily lives. Maybe you start you day off with eating breakfast at the same time. Maybe you like to wind down with a glass of wine in the evening. Healthy routines can offer balance & consistency in our lives when most things around us are indeed out of our control. I have found that having certain routines built into my workday helps me to be more consistent & well prepared. I want to share some of the things I build into my streaming time before, during, & after my broadcasts.

Going For a Ride

Many of you see me with my huge Starbucks cup when my broadcast begins. This can be a very expensive routine, but for me it’s more about the act of getting out before work. Working from home can be profoundly comforting, but for some can feel a bit cramped. Working & living in the same space can feel like a “conflict of interests" at times. For me, the act of getting out helps me to both clear my mind & to focus on the tasks at hand for the day.  I put on the morning news, catch up on the latest topics, & listen to the forecast for the day. The people at my Starbuck know me & know my order, & there’s something slightly comforting in that. While I currently have my streaming setup away from my home, it’s nice to get out & go somewhere rather than step right into my office.

Mic Check...

While it may sound a bit redundant, I try to remember to do a quick check of all my equipment & apps I need before each show. There are little things that can be easy to forget, such as making sure that my Twitch & my Twitch bot accounts are both connected to my Streamlabs Chatbot, turning on my camera app before OBS is opened, & checking the mic levels & operation. I usually allow at least 15 minutes before each broadcast to ensure that I haven't missed anything. Do I still miss things? Sure. But as I go through the same checklist each day, I get better at remembering the little things that make live production a joy to do while keeping things professional.


Wearing Shoes

This is another thing that I try to do every single day I broadcast; I wear shoes while streaming. I do it because it reminds me that I have work to do & a job to perform. I believe that most people in most office settings are likely are keeping their shoes during their hours at work, though there certainly are exceptions. Wearing shoes while streaming helps me to separate my work life from my life at home.


Saying Thank You

After each broadcast, I usually send viewers off for a raid to watch another stream. While I’m winding down afterwards, I do both a social post to Twitter & a thank you post to Discord. I’ve built this into my routine because I truly am thankful for viewers spending their time to view & participate in my broadcasts. As a broadcaster, no one owes me anything; not their time nor their money. I want the community to know just how grateful I am for them, & that without them, I’m just another person playing a game live on Twitch.


As you think about your own routines during your workdays, what are the things that really motivate you? What are the things that you can do to be more prepared, more focused, & more engaged in the tasks the day has laid before you? Having a few daily routines can bring both consistency & familiarity to  a day that can otherwise bring a lot of things that are simply out of our control. But I believe it is equally important to remember that you are certainly not bound by a routine. If you miss something during your day, it’s not something to be troubled by. Use a routine as a guide & a tool, & see how it improves your mood, your attitude, & your focus throughout your daily tasks.